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“His work on my film, "Yellow" was truly inspired.  He is a tireless worker, has a sublime sense of aesthetic, and is a delight to work with. Hire him with no reservation."  - Nick Cassavetes.

Patricio began his career in the Art Department working with props on Alan Parker’s “EVITA” and Jean-Jacques Annaud’s “SEVEN YEARS IN TIBET.”  

He worked his way up through the Art Department by transitioning to different positions, from props stand-by and buyer to assistant art director and eventually art director and production designer.  His experience working with some of the industry's top designers on films such as "BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN"; "CLASH OF THE TITANS" and "INDIANA JONES IV" has taken him all over the U.S., Latin America, and Europe.


As a Production Designer, Patricio designed #1 show hits for Netflix & Amazon, like "REACHER" & "THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE", as well as episodes for Steven Spielberg's reboot of the classic anthology "AMAZING STORIES" for Apple TV+; the feature film "YELLOW" directed by Nick Cassavetes, amongst others.  He used his experience to put together crews in different states and countries, always delivering a high level of production value, within the constraints of a production calendar and budget.


Patricio has also designed commercials for brands like Ray-Ban; Sony and Beck’s among others.


Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Patricio moved to San Francisco, CA in the ealry '90's. He now lives in Los Angeles, where he has been a member of the Art Directors Guild since 2002.  

On the site of REACHER's fictional town of Margrave, completely designed and built from scratch.

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